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03/05/2005Included xTray plugin and (somewhat not working) irc:// handler support. Citing Alex Shaduri: "Tor Lillqvist has updated GTK+ zip files to version 2.6.2 (tagged as bleeding edge). As all my experiments with the new version have showed that it IS a bleeding edge software (highly unstable, not working under win9x at all, etc...) and its documentation says that there are some issues with i18n (and source compatibility breakage), I decided to wait until a more stable version comes out. Sorry for any inconvenience."

01/29/2005Recompiled CVS, updated to Inno Setup 5.0.7.

01/10/2005I am moving to Uppsala, Sweden, to study at Uppsala University for one semester as an Socrates/Erasmus exchange student. I hope to get settled there as soon as possible and continue compiling X-Chat. ;-)

01/03/2005Recompiled CVS, updated to Inno Setup 5.0.6. Happy New Year for all X-Chat users!

12/22/2004Updated to GTK+ 2.4.14, ActivePerl, ActivePython 2.4.0 (don't forget to upgrade Python if you use Python plugin). Merry Christmas!

11/24/2004OpenSSL updated to 0.9.7e in both release and CVS X-Chat. CVS now contains support for SSL encryption support over HTTP proxy.

11/21/2004X-Chat 2.4.1 is out, along with GTK+ Runtime 2.4.13, and new Norwegian (Bokmål) translation. Don't try to use SSL server over HTTP proxy, a patch in X-Chat 2.4.1 tree for that is broken on Windows.

10/31/2004Updated GTK+ Runtime to 2.4.10, ActivePython to 2.3.4; changed Winamp script to use ME instead of ACTION so the script doesn't depend on this user command.

09/28/2004Updated CVS build; GTK+ Runtime Environment is now 2.4.9 (author recommends uninstalling all older ones before installing this one). New translations: Italian, Japanese and Albanian.

08/29/2004Hackers Guide updated: included Stuff page.

08/27/2004This site can now be reached at http://www.silverex.info/ (available in a short time) and http://www.silverex.org/.

08/26/2004From now on, I'll distribute both CVS and release versions of X-Chat. Since development files are for GTK+ 2.4.7, and Jernej Simončič's GTK+ is lagging at 2.4.3, I have decided to switch to Alex Shaduri's one by default. Latter one has many themes and theme engines, GUI theme preferences utility and is updated somewhy more frequently. Be sure to uninstall Jernej's GTK+RE before installing Alex's, or wait for Jernej's GTK+ 2.4.7 (and don't upgrade X-Chat, as it might not work with 2.4.3).

08/26/2004Hackers Guide for compiling X-Chat on Windows with Visual C++ is out.

08/26/2004So, official X-Chat 2.4.0 for Windows is out and went shareware (more here and here). Thank all of you for your support. I've got 75 thank-you emails, and really very many hosting offers. I want to thank All My Data for free web hosting and silverex.org domain, Stuart Gilbert for buying me silverex.info, and sub_pop who brought Stu's attention to this matter.

08/14/2004X-Chat 2.4.0 released (this version "looks better than 2.2"). Added Bulgarian translation to the installer and updated Active Whois plugin to match new text events.

08/05/2004X-Chat 2.1.1 released.

07/31/2004ActiveTcl is updated to You can now specify sound to play for Open Dialog event.

07/25/2004This build from now on will use a different version reply string.

07/13/2004X-Chat development series 2.1.x began, which will lead to X-Chat 2.2. Now, CVS contains X-Chat marked 2.1.0, with reworked Preferences window and new default light color scheme.

07/02/2004X-Chat 2.0.10 released, featuring improved tab completion. GTK+ Runtime Environment is now at 2.4.3, Inno Setup being 4.2.7.

06/23/2004This X-Chat build now uses Jernej Simončič's GTK+ Runtime Environment. Please uninstall your old one before upgrading to this one. If for some reason you would like another RE, then Alex Shaduri's is available as a drop-in replacement. It might feature some enhancements, like theme selector. In other news, Active Perl 5.8.4 and Inno Setup 4.2.6 is out.

06/17/2004Updated to Inno Setup 4.2.5. X-Chat CVS now features rewritten nick/channel completion code.

05/29/2004Sad news: Dropline's GTK+ Runtime Environment's development has ceased, "due to the sheer number of different GTK+ installation systems and the consistent lack of compatibility between them, this project is doing more harm than good." If anyone could "talk to the other GTK+ packagers and attempt to get everyone to agree on packaging standards" and take over this work, or could recommend another recent one (Alex Shaduri's is quite old), then please do so. Meanwhile, I'm still using latest Dropline RE, updated to Inno Setup 4.2.3, and X-Chat 2.0.9 is around the corner.

05/16/2004Included Active WhoIs plugin which (you guessed right) prints /whois output in active tab, and Fixedsys Excelsior 2.00 TrueType font, which is very similar to Windows Fixedsys font and has many Unicode subsets (see screenshot). It is installed and used by default in X-Chat. Also, ActiveTcl is now

05/06/2004GTK+ Runtime Environment 2.2.4-3 (with wimp dll now within), /exec plugin, Inno Setup 4.2.2. Also, password field is now masked.

04/09/2004Updated to Inno Setup 4.2.1, added Czech, Basque and Ukrainian translations.

03/22/2004X-Chat 2.0.8 out.

03/19/2004Updated to GTK+ Runtime Environment 2.2.4-2, OpenSSL 0.9.7d, Inno Setup 4.1.8, ActiveTcl, added new Azerbaijani translation. For all you music listeners, Winamp plugin now doesn't use colors (you may check the screenshot). My GTK theme now includes DLLs (latest Wimp and Bluecurve theme engines).

02/25/2004Perl is now 5.8.3, and Inno Setup installer 4.1.7.

01/15/2004Brand new Perl plugin by Lian Wan Situ is in. Network errors now give a message instead of a number only.

01/01/2004X-Chat 2.0.7 is released. Set XCHAT_WARNING_IGNORE environment variable on if you don't want "(warnings)" tab (useful if you have logging turned on and lock workstation or run screensaver).

12/28/2003Updated to latest ActivePerl and Inno Setup versions. New /DNS and Winamp binary plugins are included from now on. Threaded DNS plugin is capable of IPv6, and Winamp one (reworked ControlWinAMP! plugin) doesn't require you to install any scripting language or Winamp plugins. You can see them in action in screenshot.

12/15/2003Current release fixes security bug. Also, X-Chat is now able to play sounds on Windows. And it's got new big bold & sexy headings in setup dialog.

11/28/2003X-Chat 2.0.6 released, and Dropline updated to GTK+ Runtime Environment, which features Gtk-Wimp as default and the only theme.

11/26/2003Updated to ActiveTcl

11/17/2003Updated to latest ActivePerl and ActivePython builds.

11/16/2003Added my favorite Winamp plugin to Resources section (found on xchat.org scripts list). Also, site is under new domain: http://silverex.xchat.org/. Yay! Thanks zed!

11/03/2003After long downtime, site is up again. ;-) Upgraded to ActivePython 2.3.2 (Python scripting plugin won't work with previous versions), Inno Setup 4.0.9, and, of course, latest X-Chat CVS. As always, see changes in ChangeLog file in X-Chat installation directory.

10/10/2003Upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.7c, Inno Setup 4.0.8, and, of course, latest X-Chat CVS source.

09/21/2003X-Chat grows to 2.0.5, GTK+ Runtime Enviroment to 2.2.4, Inno Setup to 4.0.7, native file dialog patch to v6.

09/17/2003X-Chat now tints towards background color instead of always black (check screenshot in Download page), and uses MMX to do that.

09/11/2003You can get themes & theme engines at http://members.lycos.co.uk/alexv6/.

09/10/2003Updated to GTK+ Runtime Enviroment 2.2.3, which now features multiple monitor support, many and many bug fixes, and temporarily removed theme support. Setting PANGO_WIN32_NO_UNISCRIBE environment variable is now obsolete, text drawing is always faster when complex script is not used. On X-Chat side, "whois on notify" now does that with idle time, and several other improvement and bug fixes, see ChangeLog. Currently, GTK+ RE uses never version of libiconv.dll than ActiveTcl, which conflict and give unresolved symbols when starting X-Chat. Thus you should replace libiconv.dll in Tcl installation subdirectories bin and lib with the one from C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\lib.

09/06/2003Finally, the new hosting at http://karklas.mif.vu.lt/xchat/. In the other news, GTK+ Runtime Environment 2.2.3 is out, but I experience problems while trying to use it, so no new builds for now.

08/12/2003Faster xtext widget, and tab completion in queries and tab completion for channels is in, latter quite broken though ;-).

08/04/2003CVS updated, with fix for infamous IRC::user_info Perl plugin bug.

07/31/2003X-Chat 2.0.4 is out. Check the changelog for new features.

07/23/2003File selection dialog (for sending files) is now native Windows file selector instead of GTK+ one.

07/10/2003Removed German user guide from installer, it can now be found under Help menu (link to xchat.org). ChangeLog is now included in distribution to see what's new & cool. X-Chat now has a bit tweaked default settings, like doubleclick in userlist gives whois with idle time, new default directories for dcc and sound, turned off auto nick completion, new default quit msg, default 2nd bantype etc.

07/08/2003Updated installer. X-Chat now has a cool feature--when user is away, his nick appears grey on userlist.

07/02/2003My exam session finished, so X-Chat 2.0.3 is for your pleasure! Switched to Visual Studio .NET 2003 compiler and My Inno Setup 4 installer, included new Japanese and French translations. I also decided to end building X-Chat release versions, and offer only cvs builds.

06/16/2003X-Chat most-wanted feature poll is now open!

06/02/2003Upgraded to ActiveTcl 8.4, and no longer local mirrors of ActiveState packages.

05/24/2003Fixed a bug (taskbar button flashing), which made X-Chat not to start on Windows NT. It still won't flash on Windows NT, but at least it works. Also, all ActiveState language packages are now mirrored here, as ActiveTcl 8.4 is still too buggy, and ActiveState removed ActiveTcl 8.3 download from their page.

05/18/2003Switched to Visual C++ 7 Compiler, which comes from Visual Studio .NET 2002. This compiler makes way smaller executables - xchat.exe is now 294 KB instead of previous 387 KB, similarly for plug-in DLL's. But German documentation file grew even more, so the result is 6 KB bigger installer. ;-)

05/18/2003German documentation is added to installer.

05/04/2003Recommended GTK+ Runtime Environment version is now Added Malay translation.

04/30/2003Updated CVS version, which now features a flashing taskbar button when someone says your nickname.

04/23/2003X-Chat 2.0.2 is released!

04/16/2003X-Chat user poll is now open!

04/12/2003CVS is updated, now with Tcl plugin, OpenSSL 0.9.7b and annoying SSL connect bug gone! BTW, X-Chat 2.0.2 is coming very soon. Also, a new site ;-)

03/29/2003Updated CVS version and my GTK+ theme (gtkrc file), which you can find at the Resources section of my page. Basically, it's modified Bluecurve theme with Windows XP colors and thinner and smaller looks.

03/23/2003Yay, /MOP is now in!

03/18/2003As of now, X-Chat's builds now include Python plugin, which one should install only if ActivePython is installed. Also, settings are back to Application Data folder. Day after day, X-Chat is getting more and more GTK+2-native. Just look at Ignore List and Scripts and Plugins windows.

03/16/2003Finally, X-Chat with IPv6 support on Windows! This needs Winsock 2.2, and Windows with IPv6 stack, preferably XP SP1. I can't test IPv6 because I am behind firewall which has no IPv6 support, so this is completely untested and very experimental. There might be regressions with IPv4. I need ALL your testing experience with this binary on both IPv6 and IPv4 connections, especially from those running older Windows versions (95/98/Me).

03/06/2003Updated CVS and release versions. Both now include updated Lithuanian translation.

03/03/2003Compiled X-Chat 2.0.1, which features some controversial user interface updates.

02/22/2003Updated to CVS. Now using OpenSSL 0.9.7a, which fixes a security exploit. Also, an experimental patch is applied, which drops GTK+ warnings and errors to a seperate X-Chat tab instead of a console window. Feedback is welcome.

02/20/2003Updated CVS version, which now includes Catalan translation.

02/17/2003Upgraded to GTK+ Runtime Environment 2.2.1 and updated CVS version. I also decided to reorganize this page to include more resources and news, as more and more people are asking me this and that, and I cannot reply personally to all of them. Anyway, I read all emails. Suggestions are welcome!

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